18 February 2022 - The Florida Audio Expo in Tampa

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Lot of positive feedback for the performance of our USA distributor, Alex Sound Technology, at the Tampa Audio Expo. In the links below You can read some of the very positive impressions of the press

Positive Feedback - Here

SoundStage - Here

Absolute Sound - Here

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity - Here

Audiophile Junkie

  1. Alex Sound - Blumenhofer Speakers and Takatsuki Electronics - Here

  2. Alex Sound Revisit Part 1 - Day 3 - Here

  3. Alex Sound - Distributor Description of Gear - Here

Enjoy the Music (Best of FLAX 2022 Award) - Here

Best of FLAX 2022 Award - Here

Headphone.Guru - Here