04 February 2017 - Norddeutsche HiFi Tage - Hamburg - Germany

Holiday Inn Hotel - Hamburg
Billwerder Neuer Deich 14

4-5 February 2017

We will participate again at the Norddeutsche HiFi Tage. Together with Einstein in Room 1615. This year we are not planing big news, but just very very good music… that’s the reason why we come to Hamburg: to shop LPs in that wonderful town… and to have some good dinners and… for sure, meeting each other at the show.

31-12-2016: We participate to the drawing

We have decided that we will participate to the drawing organized by the show: we will offer a Blumenhofer Mini in European Walnut (German SRP 1190€) as prize.
All the registered participants to the show will have the chance to win it and other prizes. It is in production right now.

12-01-2017: The setup

- Tempesta 17 BKS or Tempesta 20
- Einstein Audio The Tune
- Einstein Audio The Phonostage
- TechDas AirForce 3
- Einstein Audio The Tonearm
- Einstein Audio The Pick Up
- Cammino Power Harmonizer
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Hamburg and the Norddeutsche HiFi Tage are always worth a trip. Probably I've already mentioned: Hamburg is one of the cities where I could think about a good living. Better than a lot others.
Well, I'll not mention about the music and the higher and higher quality of the show. It is worth visiting, but believe me, You will need the whole time to be sure to find (and then enjoy) the rooms worth Your time: there are really a lot.
We played:
- The Pick Up - Einstein Cartridge
- The Tonarm - Einstein Tonarm
- Air Force 3 - Tech Das Turntable
- The Phono Preamp - Einstein Phono Preamp
- The Tune - Einstein Integrated Power Amp
- Tempesta 20 - Loudspeakers Blumenhofer
- The Power Harmonizer - Cammino power filter
- Reference series Cables - from Cammino

It is a big system, but if You consider the main parts, Loudspeakers and power amp, it is still in a reasonable price range.
As usual, blues, blues, rock, a small bit of classics, blues and then country, country blues, electro rock, country rock, blues rock, folk (but not too much) and then baroque, and orchestras…
Good music, good sound, really enjoyable for even longer than the 2 days of the show.

The organizer (Ivonne) put a basket of prizes together and we offered a set of Mini loudspeakers (here the news), they were the most valuable price of the event. These pair of Minis have been won by Ingo B**h. I hope he will enjoy them as well as I'm enjoying mine here in my home.

We are curious about the 2018 edition ;-)