Dutch High-End Analog Audio Forum meeting
Idler Drive - A special kind of Turntables

Music2 and Old School HiFi, our BeNeLux and Sweden distributors respectively, in cooperation with the Dutch High-End Analogue Audio Forum, organized an event in the Hook of Holland.
Main course of this event is an Idler Drive comparison. Contenders are Reed Muse, Garard 301 and Lenco PTP turntables.
Side dish for the fine testers there is a Reel2Reel tasting based on the TEAC A7300-RX for the Mastertapes.

The main set-up comprehends: Gran Gioias's, Octave and Sonore.
In addition: Genuin FS 3 MK 2 with Octave and Feickert.
Already 30 people are coming over especially for this. Just one day while Janne and I talk a lot of BS... gonna be fun!
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Afgelopen zaterdag was het een gezellige drukte in het pand van Music2 en Sonore Audio. Veel mensen van het High End forum waren afgereisd naar Hoek van Holland om te kunnen genieten van moderne en oude vintage draaitafels gekoppeld aan apparatuur van Sonore Audio en Octave.
Hieronder enkele beelden van de geslaagde dag.