19-20 November 2016 - Gran Galà dell’alta Fedeltà - Milano

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Spinelli HiFi, our Dealer in Milano will participate to the Gran Galà dell’alta Fedeltà in Milano in cooperation with Cammino.
During the show You will have the possibility to hear the original re-masters of the Vasco Rossi LPs by Giulio Cesare Ricci father of the Foné record label.

You will find us in Room Amsterdam. 65 square meters of sound!
We expect to have this setup:
  • Pre Amplifier: Octave HP 500 SE
  • Power Amplifier: Octave MRE 290
  • Turntable: Transrotor Rossini
  • Tonnarm: Transrotor Tr 800
  • Cartridge: Benz Micro H2O or Van den Hul Colibrì
  • Phono Preamp: Octave Phono EQ 2
  • CD Player: Rega Valve Isis
  • DAC: M2 TECH Young Dac DSD + Alimentazione Van Der Graaf
  • Streamer: MELCO N1 AH 40
  • Cabling: Cammino
  • Power treatment: Cammino
  • Room treatment: ASTRI

One of the sources will be an Ampex ATR 102. On this wonderful machine we will play the original Master tapes of Vasco Rossi with a speed of 76 cm/sec 1/2" 2 tracks.

O dear, I’m really looking forward for it!! Really!!!
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What happened

Our Milan dealer Spinelli in cooperation with Cammino decided to participate to an event of Giulio Cesare Ricci: they exposed at the Gran Galà dell'Alta Fedeltà in Milano.

The choice was to keep the costs of the whole system at a relatively reasonable target. Well, they went up to about 50.000€. But compared with other systems playing in other rooms, they plaid with a bargain system.
The aim was to have a music performing system, not an HiFi system tuned to be audiophile, but a system to play music. Any kind of music or recording, old or new, or whatever.

The system:
- Turntable: Transrotor Rossini with Cammino phono reference cable
- Cartridge: Benz H2o (15 years old)
- Phono Preamp: Octave Eq 2
- CD Player: Rega Isis Valve reference
- Preamp: Octave HP 500 SE
- Power Amp: Octave RE 290
- Loudspeakers: Genuin FS 1 MK 2
- Cabling: of course Cammino trough and trough
- Power Treatment: Cammino H 3.1 and MA-1A
- Acoustics Treatment: Astri

The room was always full with enthusiastic people.
Giulio Cesare Ricci performed his presentation of his Foné products in this room at fixed time slots. He has some master tapes as well and that was an amazing experience for Claudio and Enea and both of them were looking forward for it. The master tapes were played on an Ampex ATR 102, 2 tracks, 1/2 inch tape, 76cm/sec. Useless to mention the very positive and amazing comments Claudio, Enea and Giulio Cesare himself reported to me…
Vinyl was a little bit less than the Master tapes, but anyway was really high quality.

The public… lost the feeling of being in a reproduction event, Claudio and Giulio Cesare pumped up the volume to reach live concert level on the Master Tape of Vasco Rossi's Toffee (and I remember the wonderful feeling at the show in Lanciano). The song, is a song that is in the heart of all fans of Vasco Rossi and all Italians. All of them were singing with Vasco's tapes. (Bollicine, Vado al Massimo, C'è chi dice no, Va bene, va bene così, Cosa succede in città: to know more about the Vasco's LPs or SACDs directly on Foné' web pages)
Petra Magoni, of Musica Nuda, attended the event as well because it was the Foné presentation of their last LP, Little Wonder (here more info about it). She jumped on the chair when she discovered how much information was present on the tapes and could be reproduced by our system. She did not want to believe it and recognized some particular sound flaws of the Contrabass of Ferruccio Spinetti.

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