28-30 October 2016 - Eyearshow - Seoul - Korea

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SI-Works will present for the first time ever our loudspeakers in Korea. The setup promises to be astonishing good and for sure it is really well tested:
- Genuin FS 1 MK 2
- Thöress Audio Mono Amplifiers
- Thöress Audio Pre-Amplifiers
- Thöress Audio Phono Preamp
- Sutherland Engineering Phono Pre-Amplifiers
- Kronos Audio Sparta and Pro Turntables

It is going to be a full analog setup: I expect fireworks from this system, and I’m sure I’ll not be disappointed!!
Here You can have a little bit more info about SI-Works at the show

Short report

It was the first event held by SI-Works in Korea and the setup was really impressive: playing just analogue on a Kronos turntable. Louis Desjardins was there himself to promote the turntables and help with the setup.
At the beginning of the show we cooperate from remote (communication over Facebook) in supporting the setup and that has been an amazing experience to get the feedback of Louis after making the suggested changes: he said that the sound became delicious and was so enthusiastic that tried to establish a connection with a greek tube amp manufacturer. I appreciated it! And it will have a good follow up.
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Pictures courtesy of Louis Desjardins and SI-Works