Visit at 6moons

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After an unexpected meeting in China, we fixed an appointment with Srajan Eban of 6moons.
As usual in the last minutes, but right on time we reached Chardonne in Switzerland. Nice situated on the Geneva Lake.

He decided to test the big Fun 20 because:
- the Genuin FS 3 had been already tested in some papers
- the Fun 17 was not jet burned in

The report has not been positive, and this is luck for the company: we were not yet ready for the international market and its demands, this would have taken us to bigger problems!!!
Furthermore the points Srajan focused on have been really good suggestions to improve our products and grow a lot in quality!

Here you can read the report.

I must say something: if you are disappointed reading it, remember, we did our homework and improved and corrected the flaws Srajan appointed. Come and listen yourself!!
- we improved the crossover changing one component that eliminated the echo Srajan was talking about (yes there was an echo and yes this was entirely our mistake)
- we improved the internal wiring
- we had to slightly change the compression chamber of the mid high driver due to a sub-supplier shortage: this lead to an unexpected improvement
- we changed the supplier of certain Caps

After these changes Stereo, a leading german magazine has chosen the big Fun 20 to become reference speaker. All the customers received the improved version of the big Fun 20.