4-6 November 2016 - Audio Video Show - Warsaw - Poland

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Upfront Information

Not much is clear now, Janusz will present our Genuin FS 3 MK 2 at the Narodowy Stadion.
Here You can find more information about the show

If You are curious about the setup… we are still undecided about that.
Either: Genuin FS 1 MK 2 with Ypsilon Pre PST 100 / 300B monoblocs
or: Genuin FS 3 MK 2 with Ypsilon Phaeton integrated

We will be in room 205 at the Stadion Narodowy.
In our boot You will be able to listen to the last productions of Fonè, a small but very high quality Italian Label for both LPs and Hybrid SACDs

31st of October - Update
  • Scheu Analog Das Laufwerk No. 2
  • SME V Tonearm
  • Scheu Cartridge
  • CD Player Cary DMC-600
  • Ypsilon VPS-100 Phono Stage with Ypsilon step up transformer
  • Ypsilon PST-100 MKII pre amplifier
  • Ypsilon PSE-300B monoblocs
  • Blumenhofer Genuin FS 3 MK 2 or Genuin FS 1 MK 2
  • Cammino cabling and power treatment
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Impressions from the show

I do not want to say how good we were, and how I enjoyed the show. It was really hard work! They have been really long days and really rich of new experiences and lessons.
As usual we met several people and some friends came as well from my hometown. Really, I enjoyed every single bit of these days…

The first frightening thing was seeing the room of our distributor: full up to the roof with lots of material to be distributed in the 5 or 6 rooms he rented to present his several brands. You can see some pictures.
Then we got the room at 8:00 PM to start the show at 2:00 PM the next day. I tell You, it was a run!

But in the end, despite the problems that affected the setup, the system played.
During the show I had the chance to present the Foné LP and SACD collection, I tell You, great recordings, great philosophy behind them. And, most of all, a real music lover realizing them.
These are some of the titles of Foné that I presented:
  • 4 Seasons of Vivaldi, performed by Salvatore Accardo
  • Campanella of Paganini, performed by Salvatore Accardo on the Stradivari Vesuvio
  • Frescobaldi per Noi, Music of Frescobaldi interpreted by an Italian quartet
  • Vir Dei Benedictus, a fantastic recording which I chose by mistake and hit me for his musicality
  • Musica Nuda, well… there is nothing to say about this, absolutely a Must Have

We were not the best sound of the show, and we did not achieve the performance level of last year, but the people were satisfied and loved the sound of our system.
In the end, I've been able to grab the attention of the people with a fable for music and a common understanding of what does mean to listen to music.
Henk & Marja from 6moons.com spent a longer time listening to the music I was proposing them, taking pictures of each single cover.
Ken Kessler said that he would be interested to listen to our gears at his place… in case that we get a distributor in the UK ;-) - Stay tuned

And the most amazing thing… a friend whom I did not expect to meet, peered into my room during setup attracted by the tones and the musicality and was as surprised to meet me as I was surprised to meet him: Lorenzo Sanavio from MastersounD

All in all, I must say that it was a good show… and I'm really looking forward to be there again in one year time!

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